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I love books and I love to read. When I was young, my family didn't have television. We lived far from town and were unable to have access to local broadcast channels or cable tv. There wasn't much for us to do except play outside and read. My mom used to take us to the store and buy all the 2 for $1 paperback classics that were available. She also ordered regularly from the school book flyers that we brought home, and our family had a fairly impressive little pre-teen / young adult library.

My mom set the foundation by encouraging us to read; but it was my high school English teacher who taught me how to read. She taught me that books were more than just "interesting" or "boring." She taught me that books really meant something and that often you had to dig to find it. She taught me not only to find myself in books, but also to question myself and the world around me as I read. 

I was thoroughly hooked and I went on to major in English at Brigham Young University (after studying Comparative Literature for 3 years). I always found a secret pleasure in typing out a paper - scavenging through the lines of a book, comparing scholarly opinions, mashing it all together with my own thoughts to form a written argument. I'm pretty sure no one is supposed to find pleasure in English papers, but there is something exciting about seeing all your thoughts and ideas come together.

As a reader, I find I'm not content with character development and finding the general theme of a book. I like to dig deeper. Somewhere, inside every work of literature is a little nugget of truth, all wrapped up in the character development, the plot, and the setting. I like to find that little nugget and crack it open with my critical hammer and let all the gritty guts spill out. I like to feel my perceptions change and shift with every book I read. I like to see how the author got to that truth, not just how the author got two people to finally kiss, or how some hero managed to triumph over the forces of evil. I love the process of the story, but mostly I love the way in which story reveals the truth about life, the universe, and ourselves. Somehow, by using the characters, the plot, the setting, the choices, authors manage to reveal truths, beauties, and insight, that would seem much less significant told any other way. I'm not sure why it works, but I'm fascinated by the process and I can't seem to get enough of it.

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